Our approach to design projects

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Design Group Italia focuses on what we call bridging the gap. Between the many different specialists, departments and business units in the client company, each with their own requirements, expectations, opinions and points of view. Between the client’s brand, products, DNA, investments, ROI requirements and consumer expectations. Between the emotional and the rational.

It’s an approach that’s fundamental to how we work, to gaining a full understanding of our clients’ projects, to developing design solutions that comprehensively achieve their objectives and to building client relationships that grow ever closer over time.

We bridge the gap by identifying a unifying vision that takes the company’s internal views into account, and also all the external stimuli from the ecosystem with which it interacts – its stakeholders and consumers, the market and society. We research their needs, involve them in the process and connect them to develop a solution that is not a compromise but a true synthesis of the different needs and variables involved.

Ultimately, bridging the gap describes how we use design to bring simplicity to complex processes. And that applies to the design project itself.