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Great projects don’t create themselves. They are the result of in-depth research and analysis, of scrupulously methodological planning, precise choices and constant optimization. Creating a successful design means more than having an outstanding idea. It means taking care over every detail of that idea. And it means rigorously managing its development to ensure that the functional, aesthetic and experiential aspects of the project work in unison to meet our client company’s concrete needs. Every need without exception, from operating requirements to production, strategic, marketing, business and communication needs. That’s how projects become true stories. Here are a number for you to explore.

3M Customer Innovation Center

Unlocking customer value


Unlocking the Power of a Global Masterbrand

Tostitos Superbowl XLVII Party Zone

An interactive brand experience for social engagement

Unilever Oral Care

Products that consumers use. Year after year, after year


25 Years of design for a global brand

Adrenaline Rush®

Visual revamp of Russia’s top-selling energy drink

Blue Lagoon

Creating Extraordinary Memories Since 1999

SCM L'Invincibile

Integrated brand restyling and product range redesign

NILIT® Plastics

Global strategy and redesign of the corporate system

Pepsi Chill-Hub

Breaking new pop-up design for the Pepsi brand in China.

3M AMD (Architectural Market Division) 2010-2012

Liberating technologies by bringing r&d scientists and designer together


Taking the brand into the high-end market


Taking care of babies and their parents

Bialetti® Diva

New product development for the espresso machine segment

3M Scotch-Brite Cleaning Tools

Strategic Design for Brand Extension

Giuffrè Editore

New editorial design for tax and business consultants


Guardianship of an Italian icon in fresh cheese segment

3M Projectors

Bringing quality and style within the visual system line-up.

3M Immersive Experience

Full Size Simulation Theatre