Brand Development and Guardianship of an Italian FMCG icon in the fresh cheese segment

Redesign the packaging system for Vallelata, a premium Italian fresh cheese brand owned by the French mass-market multinational Lactalis.

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A landscape of genuineness and simplicity

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From brand strategy to packaging strategy

Vallelata new visual identity and pack system

From brand strategy to packaging strategy

This strategic design project had a clear yet challenging brief - Create a synthesis of the two complementary aspects that have always formed the brand’s distinctive character. On the one hand, a brand with a strong Italian identity and heritage, rooted deep in the traditional values of pure natural products. On the other hand, the ability of Vallelata to continually reinvent itself and innovate its products, range, packaging, and communications in response to anticipating market trends and consumer preferences. Research into market and consumer preferences consequently formed the starting point of this packaging system redesign project.

  • Market trend analysis
  • Target analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand identity development
  • Packaging design
  • Product portfolio development
  • Brand and product extension

Mapping trends to identify category drivers.

Market trend analysis

DGI analyzed the performance of the fresh cheese market in recent years, both in Italy and on export markets, gaining an in-depth understanding of emerging trends and insights. The results showed a strong appreciation of natural products, the enjoyment of quality food, authenticity, and light eating options.

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Researching consumer habits to identify how people perceive and use products

Target analysis

Target profiling and analyses of food habits, product consumption and purchase choice criteria revealed the following desirables: convenience, genuineness, health, authenticity, and discovery.

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Optimizing the logo and developing a consistent house style

Brand identity development

Updating Vallelata’s brand identity, we created a hierarchy of front-of-pack visual elements and developed guidelines for the consistent application of the brand look & feel, covering photographic style, illustrations, color codes, visual devices, and typography, etc.

Vallelata Logo

Serving Italian tradition in convenient modern packaging

Packaging design

A distinctive individual packaging design was created in line with target customer needs and tastes to communicate the key values of the Vallelata brand: natural goodness, innovation, reliability, freshness, and traditional Italian values.

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A clearly organized and consistent product portfolio.

Product portfolio development

DGI developed unambiguous criteria and clear rules for Vallelata’s brand endorsement, naming system and product line extension to create a shared family feeling that extends across all its product areas.

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New product development: multipack, Buffalo Mozzarella and light range

Brand and product extension

Extension of brand look & feel to new products, new varieties and new lines, while simultaneously conveying the specific market positioning and unique distinctive characteristics of the individual products concerned.

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Maximizing the shelf impact

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