Designing a Meeting Place for the Brightest Minds in Design and Technology

Experience Design for the Frontiers Conferences

Frontiers Conferences organize events on cutting-edge design and technology, be it in health, AI, robotics, 5G, Industry 4.0, software, or communication. In addition to the annual main event in Milan, Frontiers also runs a health-focused annual spin-off event in Berlin along with other events around the world.

We’ve partnered with the Frontiers Conferences for the past five years, translating their brand into unique events and taking care of the artistic direction, lighting, and graphics, from the initial design stage all the way through to managing the production on location during the event. We’ve even taken the stage at the conference (Sigurdur Thorsteinsson’s keynote, Peter Newbould’s workshop and Chris Miller’s panel talk).


Lighting design that translates a brand into a memorable experience

When creating the unique Frontiers experience, we have used lighting as an essential part in creating the overall atmosphere of the event, reflecting the brand identity, and highlighting important themes for the audience. Our team has deftly employed lighting to help accentuate the event space with a light lexicon of white light, bursts of orange, black, white and Frontiers’ signature red.

From the talks in the auditoriums and sessions in meeting rooms to the transitions in between, we tailor the lighting to the flow of the event and to the location. At the most recent 2017 edition in Milan, there wasn’t one moment for which the lighting wasn’t thoughtfully planned out. The site-specific design and lighting helped to express the timeline of the event and create desired moods. Rapid light changes punctuated the event to highlight focal points for the audience and direct their attention, as well as announce keynote speakers.


Designing for sharing

We've created various translations of the brand for different purposes, including the event’s special 10th anniversary identity while ensuring brand consistency with the mother brand. From posters, flags, banners and badges to graphic elements on screen, our team was in charge of handling all of the event’s graphic design deliverables. Besides designing all of the printed materials, we closely monitored their printing and setup.

Finally, we directed the design of the space and the placing of the site-specific graphics for lasting brand visibility. Nowadays, events and conferences have the opportunity to get exponentially more exposure online through social media shares, and the correct design and placing of visuals greatly impacts the success of this online storytelling.

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Creative direction to bring the event to life

From strategy to execution, for the previous edition of the Frontiers Conference Milan, our team coordinated, supervised and managed the event production from start to finish. We were on the floor throughout the conference directing the venue team to ensure the event would go as smoothly as possible. We partnered with Frontiers to deliver a powerful experience for the attendees to live, share and remember.


'Frontiers is a unique, innovative conference. It’s not just about presenting ideas — rather, it’s all about creating an exciting experience for everyone involved. And we saw how effectively DGI understands the importance of emotional involvement by the attendees’ reactions and responses throughout the event and even after. Just like us, DGI is all about people at their core — our values are in sync.'

– Matteo Penzo, CEO, Frontiers Conferences

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