3M Postit Natural Dispenser NEW

Natural Dispenser for Post-it

We reimagined the office staple dispenser with Post-it, the leadering brand in the stationery market, offering the iconic post-it notes along with more than 4,000 other office and school products.

Usually, the post-it dispensers are made from pieces of plastic and a spring that require several production lines and assembly. We replaced all this by just two pieces of cork and glass, no assembly needed. The innovation lies in the materials:

  • The weight and shape of the glass allow for the post-its to dispense correctly. The shape and thickness of the glass made the component so challenging to create, that we teamed up with one of the oldest glass producers in France to reach the final result.
  • the bottom piece is made from cork, which keeps the object in one place vs. sliding on the desk.

The resulting object is simple, functional, made to last and so elegant in form that you won’t want to hide post-its to your desk drawers anymore.

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