Pepsi Kiev Village 03

The Perfect Match

UEFA Champions League Final Kiev 2018

For the third year running, we have worked with Pepsico marketing and Pepsico Design & Innovation to bring the Champions League final hospitality program to a new level, by creating three locations for Pepsico’s 400 guests to really live the brand visions over two days. Each location was given its own identity, designed to work together as a series of events that animate the weekend, building towards the final on Saturday.

The request was to create locations that built off the dedicated Lay’s, Pepsi and Gatorade brand campaigns that had been used throughout the Champions League, and bring them together into a unified experience that expresses Pepsico’s marketing approach of Perfect Match – how their portfolio of beverages and snacks work together.

Welcome Party

For the Friday evening event the theme was “Welcome to Kiev”. The entire location was transformed to create a series of moments that introduced the guests to the city by mixing local culture – street art and street food – with Pepsi and Lay’s brands.
The central bar united the 2 brands, and small food stations provided snacks based on local recipes. Giant sculptures on the terrace provided back drops for photo opportunities. The art gallery presented a series of photos of street football in Kiev.

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  • Pepsi Kiev D12 08

Business Brunch

This event was dedicated to showcasing the Pepsico brand campaigns to the guests. A series of small installations were created to bring the campaigns to life, and small interventions throughout the location were used to provide an overall brand presence and help guide the guests through the space.

  • Pepsi Kiev Park 01
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Champions Village, Mix ‘n’ Match

For the final the hospitality area within the stadium was transformed into a modern sports bar, where the brand presence was seamlessly interwoven into the overall design. The concept was to provide the guests with the ultimate fan experience, where they become the protagonists and the brand elements become the backdrop. A series of installations were created to provide moments for photographs.

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Pepsi Kiev Village 06
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