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Develop the new design strategy for the corporate identity system of the NILIT® Plastics division, one of the main emerging international players (Europe, Middle East and China) in the Industrial and Consumer segments of the industrial chemistry and plastics sectors for the Automotive, Electrical and Electronics markets.

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Innovating polyamide engineering through emotion

Global redesign of Nilit® Plastics corporate system.

From brand strategy to visual strategy

The brief was for a complete rethink of NILIT® Plastics’ brand identity and communications strategy. DGI began with an exhaustive analysis, researching the existing situation, the market and the brand scenario. Sharing our findings and developing our proposals in close dialogue with the client, we formulated new strategic guidelines that then formed the basis for the development of a cohesive design system. The new system conveys the brand DNA and promise impactfully and memorably across media and publics. Moreover – and crucially – it is able to do so both at a global level and when the company needs to address specific sectors and niche markets.

  • Brand and competitor analysis
  • Brand workshop and alignment
  • Brand strategy development
  • Brand line development
  • Verbal strategy development
  • Look & Feel development
  • Key visuals development
  • Product identity and portfolio optimization
  • Corporate system development
  • Editorial design

Investigating the brand, the audience, and the competitive arena.

Brand and competitor analysis

Acquisition of in-depth knowledge of the NILIT® Plastics brand, its strong points, distinctive characteristics, growth potential and areas of improvement. Research to gain a full understanding of NILIT® Plastics’ positioning in the international competitive arena and to identify its target publics.


Involving the decision makers and building commitment.

Brand workshop

Sharing of research results with Board of Management. Creation of an agreed development platform to align the decision makers’ different personal visions and formulate pragmatic responses to the specific needs of the Marketing, Communications, R&D and Production Departments.

Workshop Copia

Building a distinctively unique promise relevant to targets.

Brand values development

A brand strategy based on the company’s values and a positioning statement that speaks directly to clients and prospects. The positioning statement expresses NILIT® Plastics’ unique selling proposition, centered on the way it works closely with its clients, advising them and developing ad-hoc products tailored to their needs.

Your Polimade Specialist

Bringing a new voice to the brand

Brand line development

Creation of a brand line complementing the new corporate identity, expressing the engineering capabilities, consultancy and problem-solving support provided by NILIT® Plastics using a customer-oriented tone of voice and language.


Communications customized for different publics.

Verbal strategy development

Development of a corporate claim presenting NILIT® Plastics to all its different publics, accompanied by dedicated sector-specific claims for the three main sectors served: Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Industrial & Consumer.

Claim Corporate

A flexible synergic corporate system.

Look & Feel development

A house style with a distinctive molecular pattern that evokes plastic particles and their ability to come together and create structures that form flexible tailor-made solutions. A formal solution that is both modular and malleable in format and application, and therefore able to evolve over time, adapting to changing needs, media and formats.

Pagine Con Pattern

An ownable visual language for a consistent brand promise.

Key visual development

A technical and engineering style that aspirationally conveys what NILIT® Plastics enables its clients to achieve, making their ideas and projects possible.

  • Nilit Elementi Car
  • Nilit Elementi Ingranaggi
  • Nilit Elementi Switch
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Building the identity of products that are icons of performance and efficiency.

Product identity and portfolio optimization

Design of identifying symbols that segment the NILIT® Plastics product portfolio according to chemical-physical characteristics and type of performance provided.


Creating the new design system.

Corporate system development

A visual system with a strong family feeling that enables every message and media to speak in a voice specific to each different market and industrial segment.


Making content and specifications readily understandable.

Editorial design

Development of aligned graphic templates for the page layout of content, insertion of text and images, and creation of tables and infographics.

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Stimulating the client with brand vision.

Power applications

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