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New generation of injection moulding machines

Negri Bossi is a leading supplier of premium injection molding machines. Founded in 1947 in Monza, Italy, the company has produced industrial machinery for some of the most well-known brands in the world. Negri Bossi trusted us with creating the new design language for NOVA sT and NOVA iT, the first models of a new generation of their injection moulding machines.

Our challenge was to differentiate and position Negri Bossi through design, while at the same time adapting both to the new challenges set by a more competitive market and the constraints created by the manufacturing of these machines.

NOVA have a new, transparent aesthetics. The insides of the machine are open to view, emphasizing the intrinsic beauty of the mechanics.
The look and feel are modern, combining a sense of durable hardware and elegant simplicity – a perfect balance between the minimalism of the main door and the dynamism of the rear portion of the machine. Horizontal lines create a light overall feel, even if the machine is massive.

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Highly scalable look and feel

Part of the challenge was to create design principles that would be highly scalable and applicable for a wide range of machines.

– Often, industrial machines have an aesthetic that does not reflect the machine and its core technology. We tried to reflect and highlight the beauty of the mechanics and the technology inside, instead of covering it and hiding it away,” says senior product designer Pasquale Cirulli.

Large window on the side of the machine gives the users a direct view inside the mold closing system, to inspect its cleanliness and the functionality of the motors. Splitting lines mark the sliding doors in a stylistically clean and intuitive way.

Co-designed user experience design

NOVA feature the new multi-touch controller Tactum with the UX co-designed by us together with the Negri Bossi team.



Multitouch UI for industrial use

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How do you design a UX system that governs an 11-meter longmachine with a 850-ton press and hundreds of parameters with a swipe of a touch screen? Negri Bossi tasked us with creating their first touch screen UI and UX for their market-leading plastic injection moulding machines.

The Negri Bossi plastic injection machines are complex, to say the least. With a touch of a button, the machine, size of a school bus, will cumulate a pressure of 20 tons, then release it, hitting the material to form it instantly. The complex system includes hundreds of parameters such as different moulding actions, production parameters such as speed, positioning and time, which are governed by the control panel.

Working closely together with the team, we firstly analysed information taxonomies and navigation to define the information hierarchy and organise them into a recognisable layout. A great effort was dedicated to creating a clear difference between machine actions (such as mechanical movements and moulding types), parameters (editing single values) and feedback (status, alerts, errors).

The resulting system uses multitouch as an essential part of the new Human Machine Interaction (HMI). The user is able to select various things through swipes without ever lifting the finger from the screen. The new touchpad is easier and more intuitive to use than the previous button keypad. The system has a modern feel and an innovative approach to UI, moving Negri Bossi to the frontline of development in its sector.

​After a fast-paced project (our entire process only took two months), the machines with the digital user interface were introduced to the market, and are now in production.


New design language to position and differentiate in industrial markets

ELE is an injection molding machine targeted at packaging and medical markets by the Italian market leading producer Negri Bossi. We adapted the new Negri Bossi design language to the new ELE series in a way that reflects their market position and the final use of the product family.
The clean and white colours, materials and finishings (CMF) reflect the end use of ELE machines in moulding medical equipment. The cover sheets of brushed metal hide all the ridges of the machine to create continuous seamless surfaces that look light and elegant and are easy to keep clean.

Ele features the new multi-touch controller Tactum. The user interface was co-designed by us and the Negri Bossi team. The large, well-placed screen makes operating the machine both ergonomic and intuitive.

ELE was introduced at K 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Negri Bossi ELE 03

A longlasting partnership built on innovation and trust.

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