MEG Io T Smart Lab Awards

A Tech Puzzle with 700+ Pieces and One Interface

The World’s First Social and Automated Greenhouse

MEG allows you to precisely control the key parameters for growing plants, including: light-cycles, ventilation, temperature, irrigation and soil PH. MEG users can connect and share their experiences with people from all over the world. So, if your plant is not thriving, you can discover what worked for someone else and then use the same technique.

This Plant is Social

We designed MEG so people could track plant growth patterns while also being able to share this information on social media. Through a touch-based user interface, the user can control the machine’s internal climate and lighting straight from their smartphone or tablet. When someone finds a better way of growing a plant, the information quickly becomes common knowledge.

The MEG project was launched in 2014 and has already won several awards, including the IoT Award 2014/15, the HP/INTEL LaunchBox Grand Prize (NYC, NY - USA) and the International Design Awards (LA, CA - USA). MEG was a serious participant in the 2015 Milan Expo. In fact, MEG won WIRED Magazine’s “Hack the Expo”! The special edition of MEG for the Expo came with cameras and a custom lighting program. It engaged users to explore how MEG is able to replicate climates from all over the world.

MEG Living Edition 01

Awarded Digital Fabrication

This hand-made phyto-drone was a complex project, involving design competences, development of the photometric mechanical systems, electrical systems, PCBs, IxD/UX systems, and several Arduino-related applications. One of MEG’s core features is its custom designed spectrum-tunable LED Lighting Engine. Our design aimed to create the most effective indoor PAR (Photo-synthetically Active Radiation). The state-of-the-art light engine was designed and engineered entirely by our in-house team. Find MEG, our complex yet easy to use creation, displayed at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

MEG JOURNAL Outside Audience