Unlocking the power of a Global Masterbrand

Lay’s is a global powerhouse and a key growth engine of the PepsiCo portfolio. The biggest snack brand* on the planet, you can find it in over 100 countries worldwide.
(* Sources: Euromonitor, Kantar World Panel)

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Lay's Core Line

DGI’s collaboration with the PepsiCo Design & Innovation Center, Lay’s Global Snacks Group (GSG) and a cluster of key markets re-engineered the Lay’s Global Design strategy to meet the challenges of a more complex category, more sophisticated consumers and a globalized world. The result is an impactful branding and packaging design system that is authentic and loyal to the core equity of Lay’s, while expressing itself in contemporary design language and approachable visual imagery which enriches the Lay’s experience.

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Lay's Gourmet

Gourmet is a premium slow-cooked chip with a crunchier texture and interesting flavors that drive a more natural perception. Cooked in small batches with care, these artisan-style chips are presented as an indulgent snacking experience.

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Lay's Maxx

Lay’s Deep Ridged is a thick, substantial chip snack that “goes big” with a strong crunch and bolder flavors for the hungry young consumer. Its positioning celebrates the joyful experience of snacking for satisfaction.

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Lay's Air Pops

Lay’s Air Pops potato chips are a tasty air popped snack with 50% less fat than regular chips. The Pops brand personality is airy and energetic, supporting the message that it is a healthier fun snack for all the family.

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Lay's Oven

A baked potato chip with 70% less fat than regular chips, Lays’ Oven is a thin crisp chip which is positioned as a fun yet sensible and therefore carefree choice that’s full of flavor “straight from the oven”.

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Lay's Stax

Stax has a unique fabricated chip format for a crisp lightness and melt-in-the-mouth taste sensation. Packaged in a stay-fresh canister pack, Stax is positioned as an on-the-go chip for moments of pleasure anywhere.

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Lay's AMA

Lay’s Twists, Snaps, and Crisps were launched on a trial basis in three parts of India including Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The chips were available in three shapes and two flavours.

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