Italy’s most respected professional publishing brand

Giuffrè, Italy’s leading professional publisher for the legal profession diversified to also serve accountants, tax, and business consultants.

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A professional feeling for tax professionals

Extension of core business into a new sector

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A new editorial design for Giuffrè

Creating a dedicated look and feel for tax and
business consultants.

The move required a global rethink of the brand and its approach to professional publishing, following a strategic process that proceeded from a target and competitor analysis to create a whole new visual system that is faithful to the heritage of the Giuffrè brand while empowering it to meet new market challenges.

  • Target and competitor analysis
  • Brand and portfolio architecture
  • Graphic system development
  • Editorial design
  • Web concept design
  • Digital tools design

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Requirements: practical, concrete, up-to-date and incisive

Target and competitor analysis

The Target Analysis showed that tax and business professionals have a very different profile, approaches and attitudes from lawyers. Young, dynamic and multimedia-digital literate, they want concrete, pragamatic, integrated support.
The Competitor & Scenario Analyses identified sector growth drivers, best sellers and best practices in style so the optimal positioning could be identified.

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Distinctive clarity, future-proof flexibility.

Brand and portfolio architecture

A new brand architecture laid the foundation, combining distinctive clarity with the flexibility to support the future growth of its different editorial lines.

A new system solution for a new line-up

Editorial system development

A clean new design was developed based on Giuffrè’s established brand values yet able to speak to its new professional targets in line with emerging trends in the professional publishing sector.

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Clear and intuitive presentation

Editorial design

A distinctive new look & feel complements clear structuring of the content, supported by icons that aid intuitive reading and optimize legibility.

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A seamless experience from Page to Web

Web concept design

Naming and Web concept design of FiscoPiù (TaxPlus), the new dedicated Giuffrè portal for tax and business consultants. The new graphic system provides a consistent visual identity for all Giuffrè’s different product websites, which now feature a common top bar to communicate the shared heritage and values of the Giuffrè brand.

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Visual system extended to new digital services.

Digital tools design

Naming and visual layout for La Bussola (The Compass), the content search and consultation tool for the FiscoPiù portal.

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