EL Education

Transforming the education nonprofit’s storytelling with digital media

EL Education is a non-profit organization helping build great K-12 schools in diverse communities across America. They tasked us with creating an interactive, digital version of their first ever printed annual report.

We wanted to take full advantage of the web as a medium for storytelling, as it allows for video, audio, novel transitions and other methods that create an immersive experience. With the goal of a lasting introduction to EL Education’s important work and impact, we strived to create a promotional tool that offers a window into EL Education's vision and potential growth for the future.

We reprioritized the content for use on digital and various devices using infographics and navigation to make static data more interesting.

“When we saw the brilliant drawings by the children, we immediately thought ‘what if they moved’? It was exciting for us to bring the children’s drawings to life through micro-interactions, which we then implemented throughout the site,” says Interaction Designer Megha Damani.

The resulting digital report takes the EL Education communications to a new digital era, allowing EL Education to share their invaluable work in new, fresh ways with its stakeholders.

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