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Design Leadership for an IIoT Trusted Infrastructure Startup

Corlina is a new Silicon Valley startup focused on "trust" and security for IIoT infrastructure. Design Group Italia has been its design partner from the beginning, creating not only the corporate identity and website, but also leading design thinking workshops and the UX/UI design of the web application dashboard. Corlina brings smart factory capabilities to manufacturers of all sizes with its scalable SaaS-based solution for monitoring the trustworthiness, reliability and connectivity of IoT devices including sensors, cameras, and gateways on the factory floor and in other industrial environments.

Applying design thinking to an early-stage startup challenge:
retrofitting environments with modern security and monitoring capabilities

The key to Corlina’s success lies in simplifying complex technical processes often manageable only by large manufacturers. Through a series of design thinking activities adapted to the early-stage startup’s needs, we focused on analyzing the likely users of this new system, their daily habits and technical skills. We studied scenarios like responding to system outages, irregular traffic and attempted security breaches.

2A Customer Journey

Although Corlina’s technology “lives” on the devices throughout the factory floor, its customers’ primary touchpoint is the dashboard web application used to manage the network. The dashboard allows users to see real-time status of each device, its history and manage its settings, as well as longitudinal data and reporting. We guided Corlina’s leadership through a series of design iterations on the dashboard, as we better understood the likely user workflows and key information.

The result of this design thinking collaboration includes a setup and installation workflow using the dashboard, which does not require users to write code in a command-line interface. We also custom-designed informative icons and intuitive indicators for communicating the status and security of devices connected to the factory network.

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A new brand fit for both IT (informational technology) and OT (operational technology)

In addition to designing its core product, Design Group Italia designed Corlina’s brand identity and its various applications including the website, marketing brochures and business cards. While applying the brand identity across various channels, the team focused on creating visualizations that transform the technology behind Corlina into diagrams that are easy to understand for the less technical likely new users of the platform.

4 Diagram Factory

The inconogram of the logo is inspired by two links, signifying the connections built by its innovative technologies. All of the elements that make up the Corlina brand identity – the colours, the logo and the logotype – are positioned in order to balance the primary values of the brand: solid trustworthiness, yet also modern, innovative and dynamic. The identity has been created as a base for the brand that can evolve over time and adapt to changing technology, while still remaining visually distinctive and timeless.

5C Logo 2
5C Logo 1

"Design Groups Italia's design thinking workshop helped us think beyond our immediate challenges through a better understanding of our users, leading us to innovative ways to approach moving the business forward. By working collaboratively, we were able to model several future scenarios and design new solutions for each. And throughout all our work, the DGI team has been an open, encouraging and fun partner."

Antonio Espinosa, CEO & Founder of Corlina
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The Corlina trust platform recently launched to general availability, and includes a 30-day trial prior to purchase of a plan. They have partnered with Advantech as a hardware provider, are a member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance, and Hitachi High-Tech is among their first clients.