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A one-stop-shop service including everything from brand strategy to web app UX design to engineering through to product design for the asset tracking start-up.

The California-based start-up Cloudleaf leverages the power of cloud computing and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) sensors to deliver location and sensor management.

We took care of the design of the entire project from the digital all the way to the feasible, physical products, from the user interface to brand to product design of the POI antennas and the main antennas, working closely together with the Cloudleaf team all the way to engineering and certification.
Our cross-disciplinary team of graphic designers, UX designers, engineers, brand strategists and product designers partnered with the Cloudleaf team throughout the entire process.

The logo is inspired by clouds and brought to a digital age with a more pixelated look. The color is a digital take of the original leafy green. When designing the interface, we developed the original chart view to a map view. The new interface is more engaging and easier to understand. It allows the user to get an overall idea of the situation at a glance.

The icons in the user interface design are easy to understand, intuitive and coherent with the overall brand. The information is presented on several levels. After gaining an overall idea of the situation, the users can zoom into sites, areas, and assets to gain a deeper understanding of the situation.

The design of the entire product line is coherent with the overall brand from the tags to the POI antennas. It is long lasting both in terms of aesthetics and use. Simple and minimalistic, the thickness and geometry of the objects is engineered for maximum resistance and durability. The reinforced polyamide is suitable for heavy duty environments. Tested with both drop tests and mechanical tests, it is IP67 rated and water proof.

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