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Blue Lagoon is a rare thing, a co-creation of the natural and human worlds, a unique place where people can experience a harmonious relationship between nature and the man made. Formed naturally during operations at the nearby geothermal power plant in 1976, Blue Lagoon is recognized as one of the wonders of the world today, visited by over 700,000 bathers per year. But it is also a showcase of the extraordinary results that can be achieved by combining a business strategy and design strategy.

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Brand Identity Development

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Blue Lagoon Flagship Store

The vision for the Blue Lagoon's flagship store in Keflavik airport, Iceland, was to reflect the ambiance of being in Blue Lagoon Spa. The store was designed to create a nostalgic feeling for past visitors of the lagoon while also providing a fresh experience to new and old clients. The brand was expressed by incorporating physical elements of the lagoon such as the surrounding black rock, which was captured by designing a curved wall built from blocks of locally cut volcanic rock. The environment of rising steam leaving the white water of the lagoon is imitated through the lit glass walls behind the shelved products. Alongside the guidance and expertise of the staff, DGI designed a space for a sensorial experience with Blue Lagoon products.

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Packaging System

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