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The new generation of BetaGrip hand tools features improved ergonomics and high quality, lasting materials.

The handle is formed to optimize the movement, and to better fit the shape of the hand. The power to exert during rotation is discharged in exactly the right area for maximum results. The handle features a texture that was inspired by the treads of racing tires. They support the forefinger, thereby enhancing both precision and control while aligning the tip with the screw. The texture is designed to maximize the grip of the screwdriver under any operating conditions. The lines on the handle further improve grip under any operating conditions.

The blade is made of a new type of steel with a high Silicon, Chromium and Vanadium content for enhanced performance in terms of torsional and flexural strength. In addition, it can boast a non-reflective matt chrome-plated finish. The tip is structured as to provide a perfect match between the blade and the screw head. The phosphatized finish prevents the tip from becoming oxidized while preserving profile accuracy.

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Over 15 years of partnership

We have collaborated with Beta, the leading Italian producer of tools and utensils for over 15 years bringing innovative production techniques, improved ergonomics, and a design language that has continually evolved to be a strongly recognisable element through the entire product range. Here are some of our previous collaborations.

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