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Where Are U

The official smartphone app of the Emergency Number 112

We redesigned the emergency app “Where Are U”, the official smartphone app of the Emergency Number 112.

How it works

Every emergency call is received by a single PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point). 112 operators locate the source of the call and provide a first qualification, in order to define if the emergency is to be managed by Ambulance services, Firefighters or Police/Carabinieri. The app gets the caller position provided by the smartphone’s GPS and shows it on the screen. When an emergency call is placed, the position is sent on the smartphone’s data channel or, when data network is not available, by an SMS. This backup mechanism guarantees the transmission of the location information whenever an emergency call is placed.

Alerting for help without words

The app provides a special function called “mute call”, which lets the user ask for help even in a situation where he isn’t able to speak. The call is placed simply by selecting the function and then the type of help required (police, ambulance, firefighters). The operator will be notified that the user cannot speak, but thanks to the position received from the system he will be able to send help.

Easy UI for emergency situations

We paid special attention in the design of the app UI, given the context in which it will be used, by analyzing the psychological and emotional states that guide the actions of people when they are in an emergency. The app is designed to minimize the possibility of errors and to make it as quick and easy as possible to make a call.
Where Are U is created by Beta 80, a premier software company with decades of experience in emergency management.

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Redesign of cartography software UI and UX

We realised the new EMMA Cartography, imagining a modern digital experience for Command and control centers.

Operators do an incredible job in less than minutes and they answer hundreds of dramatic, stressful calls every single day. We immersed ourselves in their work culture, gaining insights from users and operators of Command Centrals in Milano. We quickly learned that every second could literally save a life.

UI to save lives

Our challenge was to help operators do their jobs better in a stressful environment, with no friction or pain points from the software tools. We identified a fresh and clear UI, where information is displaced around the map. The interface was designed to be smart and to really support the operator. It suggests relevant places, actions and constantly gives feedback. On the technical side, we were committed to guaranteeing high performance in terms of speed, response and memory usage to ensure that Cartography can work smoothly 24/7, every day of the year.

The project was realized in an aggressive schedule and a lean team that worked in close collaboration with the Beta80 team.

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