The unique taste of fine Italian cured meats

Beretta is one of the most active and important Italian food exporters of products such as cured meats.

HEADER Beretta

Beretta Selezione Speciale 1812

Packaging design

B1812 01
Portfolio Beretta 1812 (5)
Portfolio Beretta 1812 Close Up
B1812 03

Beretta 150 Years Italian Unification Anniversary

Special edition packaging

Beretta Vintage 02
Beretta Vintage 01
Beretta Vintage 03
Beretta Vintage 04

Riserva Bicentenario

Anniversary edition packaging and line-up

Beretta Bicentenario 03
Beretta Bicentenario 02
Beretta Bicentenario 01


Packaging design

Beretta Wurstel 01
Beretta Wurstel 02
Beretta Wurstel 03
Beretta Wurstel 04
Beretta Wurstel 06