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Award-winning Easy & Safe Industrial Plugs

You might take plugs and outlets for granted, but they literally help power the world—from construction sites and mines to the food industry and industry applications alike. We redesigned ABB’s Easy & Safe portfolio of IP 44 and IP 67 industrial plugs, connectors, socket outlets and inlets. The new design won the Red Dot Award in 2017.

ABB needed to upgrade and redesign its Easy & Safe product range to create modern, functional design that would be consistent with the company’s brand identity values of market leadership, innovation, reliability, efficiency and sustainability. They also needed the new product range to meet IP 67 water and dust tightness classification requirements.

In most installations, industrial plugs and sockets are visible, so we wanted to give the products an attractive design. The outcome is a complete family of products with a robust, reliable, simple and efficient design that enhances ABB’s brand identity.

Designed to be seen

We applied ABB’s unique product design language to the new family of products to set them apart from the masses. The ABB logo is visible on every product and cleverly serves to guide the user to connect the plugs correctly. We used the ABB pattern on the grip areas to link the new products to the ABB brand. A line seamlessly connects the individual parts when they are joined together.

An emphasis on easy & safe

The new designs promote the brand’s reputation for reliability and trust, as well as minimize the risk of accidents, injuries and equipment damage. The grip we designed enhances functionality. Its ergonomic and intuitive design means that the user will use it correctly and more safely. The products’ IP 67 classification guarantees water and dust tightness, while the water and dust protection of contacts prevents overheating and burning.

The new Easy & Safe products were successfully launched​ and were awarded the Red Dot Design Award for their product design in 2017.

“With high-quality contacts and efficient design, the Easy & Safe industrial plug and connector are exceptionally functional and reliable.”

– Red Dot Jury

Designing the future of electric transportation grid

ABB Charging units for electric vehicles

We helped ABB to enter the market for charging electric cars. A new product category for ABB and an emerging market in general, we started with an extensive research to understand the challenge ahead: What would installation require? How would the charging units be a part of the urban landscape? How should the user experience and interactions with the unit be?

We then created a modular system for the charging units for public spaces and for domestic use. The domestic collection is made from injection mold plastic, while the line for public use is made from vandal-proof materials, with a form language that further discourages graffiti. Our CMF lab also explored possibilities for personalization, so different car producers can serve their clients with personalized charging units.

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ABB Charging

Award ABB Isomax Circuit Braker

ABB Isomax

Award ABB Tmax T4 T5

ABB Tmax

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Portfolio ABB A Fcontactors 02

ABB AF Contactors

Portfolio ABB A Fcontactors 01

ABB AF Contactors

Portfolio ABB MMS

ABB M116

Portfolio ABB PST PSTB

ABB Softstarter

Portfolio ABB PS Esoftstarter

ABB PSE Softstarter

Portfolio ABB Pstx


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ABB Emax

ABB Power Products

Portfolio ABB 02

Portfolio ABB 02

Portfolio ABB E VD4

Portfolio ABB E VD4

ABB Mistral Consumer Units

We created a new and identifiable design language for ABB’s portfolio of consumer units for domestic and industrial markets. The category previously included a range of products without one coherent style. We unified the design, gave all of the products the same look and feel and implemented a new colour coding, including a petrol blue shade that ABB owns, to create a unified portfolio and a range of products that is recognizably ABB.

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ABB Mistral Lineup

ABB Brand Application

ABB Identity Cover
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