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Iconic Family DNA

Throughout a longstanding relationship, we have helped 3M to create a distinctive design language for its high-end line of portable projectors, leveraging iconic profiles, colors, materials and finishes to elevate the technical superiority of the brand offering.

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Quality is in the details

By focusing on the details, we helped 3M achieve superior quality levels from its Chinese suppliers

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Long term relationship

Consistent Product Line

In designing the DMS 710 Super Close Projector for 3M, DGI laid the foundation for a long-term relationship of co-creation and innovative technology development.

  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Scenario building, exploration of new B2B opportunities
  • Industrial Design
  • Color, Materials and Finish Trends Research
  • Pre-Engineering & Component Analysis
  • Aesthetic prototyping
  • Supplier management during development
  • Brand Design Guardianship

Tactile Interfaces

By combining contrasting material finishes, such as soft-touch and reverse-illuminated plastic, the intuition of the user interface was augmented.

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Simply Compact

Designing from the inside out, internal components were massaged into a layout that permitted the iconic profile in a stylish casing that is easy to hold and use.

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Proliferating new technology

3M’s innovative short-throw light engine technology made it possible to create a large projection image from a short distance. Design-wise this enabled us to reverse industry norms, placing the connectors on the front of the projector instead of the rear. This in turn led to new opportunities for interface design.

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First to Market

Roku and 3M created a pioneering joint venture to create the first pocket projector with streaming capabilities. DGI was instrumental in creating the vision that formed the basis for preliminary discussions and the final collaboration.

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Teen Insights

Observing teenager behavior inspired a unique design that promotes both conventional and ceiling projection scenarios.

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