Our team

A melting pot of design cultures and backgrounds.

An electric team of professionals from around the world with a rich variety of skills and interests.
An integrated group of dynamic individuals that brings a global vision to every project.

  • Ali' Akay  alternate photo

    Ali' Akay

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Product Designer

  • Andrea Corti alternate photo

    Andrea Corti

    Lecco, Italy

    Project Manager, Strategist

  • Andrea Desiato  alternate photo

    Andrea Desiato

    Termoli, Italy

    Lead Designer – UX/UI Team Manager

  • Antonio Cappucci alternate photo

    Antonio Cappucci

    Foggia, Italy

    Graphic Designer

  • Carlo Casagrande  alternate photo

    Carlo Casagrande

    Milano, Italy

    Senior Product Designer

  • Carlo D'Alesio alternate photo

    Carlo D'Alesio

    Bergamo, Italy

    Lighting Specialist

  • Caroline Tayar alternate photo

    Caroline Tayar

    Florence, Italy

    Experiential Spaces Design Director

  • Chiara Grana alternate photo

    Chiara Grana

    Modena, Italy

    Product Designer

  • Chris Miller alternate photo

    Chris Miller

    Swindon, Uk

    Creative Director

  • Christopher Schutte  alternate photo

    Christopher Schutte

    Kansas City, USA

    Director of Experiential Spaces

  • Cristiano Cingolani alternate photo

    Cristiano Cingolani

    Civitanova Marche, Italy

    UX and Service Designer

  • Cristina Paleari alternate photo

    Cristina Paleari

    Milano, Italy

    User Experience & Service Designer

  • Daniela Duran alternate photo

    Daniela Duran

    Bogota - Colombia

    Service Designer

  • Daria Svirid alternate photo

    Daria Svirid

    Leningrad, Russia

    Experiential Spaces Designer

  • Dario De MIcheli alternate photo

    Dario De MIcheli

    Padova, Italy

    User Experience Designer

  • Edgardo Angelini alternate photo

    Edgardo Angelini

    Pennabilli, Italy

    Partner - Managing Director

  • Fabrizia Sabatino alternate photo

    Fabrizia Sabatino

    Benevento, Italy

    Experiential Spaces Designer

  • Federico Casotto alternate photo

    Federico Casotto

    Bologna, Italy

    Design Manager and Food Specialist

  • Filippo Gin alternate photo

    Filippo Gin

    Venezia, Italy

    Senior UX & Digital Product Designer

  • Francesca Miraglia alternate photo

    Francesca Miraglia

    Milano, Italy

    Senior implementation designer

  • Francesca Vittori alternate photo

    Francesca Vittori

    Miano, Italy

    Destination Space Director

  • Gabriel Zangari  alternate photo

    Gabriel Zangari

    New Haven, USA

    Managing & Design Director New York

  • Gabriele Cafaro alternate photo

    Gabriele Cafaro


    Digital Technical Director

  • Gea Sasso alternate photo

    Gea Sasso

    Bari, Italy

    Service Designer & UX Researcher

  • Giacomo Ferrari alternate photo

    Giacomo Ferrari

    Sassuolo, Italy

    Interaction Designer

  • Gianandrea Giacoma alternate photo

    Gianandrea Giacoma

    Milan, Italy

    Psychologist - Design Research Director

  • Giorgio Milani alternate photo

    Giorgio Milani

    Lecco, Italy

    Product Designer

  • Giulia Battaglia alternate photo

    Giulia Battaglia

    Modena, Italy

    User Experience Designer

  • Giuseppe Morbidini alternate photo

    Giuseppe Morbidini

    Torgiano, Italy

    Senior Engineering Designer

  • Gustavo Messias  alternate photo

    Gustavo Messias

    Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

    Senior Product Designer

  • Igor Micevic alternate photo

    Igor Micevic

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Lead Graphic Designer

  • Ivana Babic  alternate photo

    Ivana Babic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Lead Designer

  • Jesus Vega alternate photo

    Jesus Vega

    Freehold Borough, USA

    Senior Designer - New York

  • Julie Blitzer alternate photo

    Julie Blitzer

    New York, NY, USA

    Digital User Experience Manager

  • Leandro Agrò alternate photo

    Leandro Agrò

    Agrigento, Italy

    Digital Design Director

  • Leonardo Brandoni alternate photo

    Leonardo Brandoni

    Castelfidardo, Italy

    Industrial Designer

  • Liliana Favata alternate photo

    Liliana Favata

    Rho, Italy


  • Lopi alternate photo



    Cable Mantainance

  • Magda AlHashmi alternate photo

    Magda AlHashmi

    Olsztyn, Poland

    Intern, Experiential Spaces

  • Marco Di Norcia alternate photo

    Marco Di Norcia

    Bari, Italy

    Service & Strategic Designer

  • Maria Teresa Torrente alternate photo

    Maria Teresa Torrente

    Trapani, Italy


  • Mario DiGesaro alternate photo

    Mario DiGesaro

    Poggibonsi, Italy

    Product Designer

  • Marthin Budiawan alternate photo

    Marthin Budiawan

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Experiential Spaces Designer

  • Martin Franzen alternate photo

    Martin Franzen

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Product Design Director

  • Massimo Di Filippo alternate photo

    Massimo Di Filippo

    Atessa, Italy

    Design Engineer

  • Massimo Pettiti alternate photo

    Massimo Pettiti

    Milano, Italy

    Technology and Experience Advisor

  • Mathilde Leroy alternate photo

    Mathilde Leroy

    Avranches, France

    Senior Service Designer

  • Matteo Smorgon alternate photo

    Matteo Smorgon

    Tradate, Italy

    Product Designer

  • Mauro Scamporlino alternate photo

    Mauro Scamporlino

    Siracusa, Italy

    Lead Designer

  • Megha Damani alternate photo

    Megha Damani

    Bangalore, India

    Interaction Designer

  • Michele Favaretto alternate photo

    Michele Favaretto

    Venice, Italy

    Client & Strategy Director

  • Michele Sala alternate photo

    Michele Sala

    Arcore, Italy

    Senior Mechanical Designer

  • Mila Belloni alternate photo

    Mila Belloni

    Milano, Italy

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Omar Odino alternate photo

    Omar Odino

    Tortona, Italy

    Digital Transformation Director

  • Paolo Rovida alternate photo

    Paolo Rovida

    Lecco, Italy

    Administration and Business Development

  • Pasquale Cirulli alternate photo

    Pasquale Cirulli

    Milano, Italy

    Lead Designer

  • Peter James Newbould alternate photo

    Peter James Newbould

    Castleford, Uk

    Partner - Chief Innovation Officer

  • Piero Santoro alternate photo

    Piero Santoro

    Capua, Italy


  • Riccardo Bianchi alternate photo

    Riccardo Bianchi

    Varese, Italy

    Communications Assistant & Social Media Manager

  • Roberto Beretta alternate photo

    Roberto Beretta

    Milano, Italy

    Engineering Design Director

  • Sandro Pizzi alternate photo

    Sandro Pizzi

    Milano, Italy

    Senior Engineering Designer

  • Sara Bellini alternate photo

    Sara Bellini

    Milano, Italy

    Service Design Lead

  • Sari Peltonen alternate photo

    Sari Peltonen

    Porvoo, Finland

    Director of Communications

  • Sigurdur Thorsteinsson alternate photo

    Sigurdur Thorsteinsson

    Reykjavík, Iceland

    Partner - Chief Design Officer

  • Silvia Cantucci alternate photo

    Silvia Cantucci

    Cagliari, Italy

    Experiential Spaces Designer

  • Simona Sagripanti alternate photo

    Simona Sagripanti

    Macerata, Italy

    CMF Senior Designer

  • Siresia Bagnoli alternate photo

    Siresia Bagnoli

    Empoli, Italy

    Intern, User Experience Design

  • Stefania Perenich  alternate photo

    Stefania Perenich

    Rome, Italy

    CMF Design Director

  • Stefano Lucchetti alternate photo

    Stefano Lucchetti

    Milano, Italy

    Graphic Designer

  • Valentina Gallotti alternate photo

    Valentina Gallotti

    La Spezia, Italy

    Experiential Spaces Architect

  • Vania Viscardi alternate photo

    Vania Viscardi

    Arequipa, Perù

    Senior Graphic Designer, Team Manager

  • Yesenia Rivera  alternate photo

    Yesenia Rivera

    Magdalena del Mar, Perù

    Senior Graphic Designer