Whether it is big or small, DGI have provided solutions for products with an annual of 20 million runs in Asia, to solutions for small pre-series production runs of items for tech start-ups. Throughout 50 years of experience, the product team have never seen two projects that were the same.

Using user-driven insights to provide product innovation, our product engineers ensure an attention to detail that follows through to the final product.

Internally, a cross-competence is built between teams to create a fast tailored process for clients. On site, the Product team works alongside the Strategy and CMF divisions and the IoT and Lighting labs. This crisscross of continuity is essential to produce a front-end innovation that is maintained throughout the project process to the final step of arriving on the market.

Product concept creation
Stakeholder Mapping
Competitor benchmarking
Product Mapping and Analysis
Co-creation Workshops
Storyboarding Experiences
User Insight Synthesis
Design Strategy

Product design and detailing
Product design style direction
Concept design
Design development
- 3D Models database
- Mock-ups
- Renderings
- Animations
Product design guideline
Concept engineering
Proof of principle prototyping
CMF design (color, material, finish)
Integrated lighting solutions
Product graphics and decoration

Design for manufacture
Production technology scouting
Manufacturing process innovation
Cost and BoM estimation
Model making and 3D prototyping
Pre-series manufacturing

User experience design
Product-service ecosystem
Physical & digital user interface
Cognitive ergonomics