Sisal launches Superlotterie

New concept for a gaming hub app

27 July Jul 2018

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Sisal to brand and design Superlotterie, the first mobile application to combine Italy’s most popular lotteries into a unique and entertaining gaming hub.

Together with Sisal, we built Superlotterie a coherent brand strategy linked with their digital portfolio, a new naming system synthesizing the USP (many lotteries together), and a breaking new brand identity connected to the mother brands design equities, but with an added touch of fun. Working in sync with developers, we optimized and rationalized the UI to ensure that the brand identity was applied coherently across the application.

Launched in the Italian app store in July 2018, Superlotterie gives users a completely new way to have fun with a multi-gaming experience in one application.