Christopher Schutte to Speak at TIDE 5.2.2018

15 January Jan 2018

Director of Experiential Spaces Christopher Schutte will speak at TIDE Amsterdam on February 5, 2018.

Christopher's talk will be on Space as a Means of Communication. In it, he will explore how brands today build engaging narratives in spaces which can shape our thoughts, emotions and behaviors, even constitute a sense of our identity.

“After designing and building up experiential spaces globally, we see the emergence of space as an invisible interface that can influence mindset and behavior and even remake company culture,” Christopher says.

Christopher Schutte leads our Experiential Spaces design team. By applying persuasive design, they turn customers into brand ambassadors and co-conspirators for innovation.

TIDE (Tech, Innovation, Design, Experience) Conference explores the creative forces shaping the AV industry, and how businesses can leverage these concepts. The conference brings together innovators in design, architecture, technology, live events, and art to discuss the dynamic results and incredible experiences that design thinking plays in business. Tide is organized by AVIXA™, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association.

For more information, visit TIDE Conference.
To find out more about Christopher and his team’s work, see here.