Regala Arvaia

Coupon that grows marigolds for the agricultural cooperative

10 December Dec 2017

Our Food Lab designed a gift coupon that grows marigolds for the agricultural cooperative Arvaia.

Arvaia is the first Italian agricultural cooperative founded on the principles of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). It grows vegetables and grains in the cooperative's lands, in the outskirts of Bologna, which are then shared among the members who contribute to cover the costs of farming.

The cooperative does not grow vegetables for profit, but to feed their members healthily, while respecting the land and the farmers, the earth and the society. It is bravely trying to prove that an alternative approach to food producing and sourcing, with low impact on the environment on one hand and highly positive impact on a local community on the other hand, is also economically sustainable.

At DGI, we believe that initiative like this deserves to be supported. So we decided to help Arvaia with the Regala Arvaia Coupon Project. Regala Arvaia is a gift idea for the cooperative’s members who can buy it, and give it as a present to their friends. The latter, in turn, can convert the coupon value into Arvaia produce by visiting the fields and presenting the coupon to the farmers - that is establishing a contact which is likely to raise their interest and the desire to become members.

The coupon was designed by us, and based on a concept by Eugea. It is a coconut tile in a recycled paper sleeve enclosing a few marigold seeds. If you put the tile in a pot well exposed to the sun and cover it with soil the marigold will grow and blossom. The idea is simple yet innovative, as well as easy and cost-efficient for the cooperative to use.

Images by Alfonso Santolero