Growth Train: Meet the Mentors

Sigurdur Thorsteinsson

21 November Nov 2017

How to create a successful brand? Partner, Chief Creative Officer Sigurdur Thorsteinsson was interviewed by the Growth Train team.

Growth Train is a seven-week accelerator program focused on growing organizations in the food and health sectors. Sigurdur was interviewed at a workshop in Lolland, Denmark a couple of weeks ago. The goal was to provide the participants with a set of tools and a mindset to help them to express the full potential of their ideas and be competitive in the marketplace.

Over the course of two days, Thorsteinsson, along with food lab manager Federico Casotto and service designer Daniela Duran lead the start-ups to analyze their brands, products, and services, and in particular value proposition, brand positioning, core values and brand personality, demand space, stakeholders, personas, customer journey.