DGI Q&A: Gianandrea Giacoma

Psychologist, Design Research Director

16 February Feb 2017

“We have more and more new tools to use in order to understand the needs of users, who are constantly bombarded by a thousand stimuli these days. We are integrating tools ranging from neuro science to digital technology in user research to gain understanding of the experience of users – and to immerse ourselves in the real needs of our users. The goal is to create a more rewarding experience for users, and eventually to improve their life.”

Gianandrea Giacoma is a psychologist and research director at Design Group Italia. Listen to the complete interview below.

In this series of interviews our team members speak about what they do here at DGI and what excites them. The interviews were conducted by journalist Giorgio Tartaro.

Non parli italiano? We are working on the subtitles, stay tuned for more soon!