Trillio - Portable Prescription Assistant

ADI Design Index 2016 selection

27 October Oct 2016

Our project Trillio was recently featured in the prestigious ADI Design Index selection 2016. We are proud to present our service design work. The project started one year ago and was developed in collaboration with La Comanda. More details available here.

During project development we faced various design challenges. We handled the complexity of the ecosystem and its balance. We concentrated on designing the best user experience for users and caregivers all the way through.

Stakeholder Map

Actors of Trillio's ecosystem

Trillio optimizes the connections among various players and organizations who share a common goal: make sure a patient follows his or her pharmaceutical treatment plan.

At the center of this ecosystem is the user, often a senior, surrounded by various stakeholders, all of whom play a key role in the patient's well-being. The actors themselves are also interconnected and can benefit from Trillio's services. By using Trillio, the patient is able to remain in closer contact with family members and doctors, who receive daily updates of the patient's responses to Trillio alerts.

Furthermore, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are important actors in the Trillio system, as they dispense medication to patients and can receive medication refill orders from Trillio.

In addition, hospitals, clinics, government, institutions and insurance companies can benefit from Trillio, as it offers an opportunity for widespread data collection and eventual savings due to fewer cases of missed medications. Emergency services can quickly access essential information and save lifes.

For retailers, Trillio represents an opportunity to enter the IoT marketplace, while promoting customer wellness and healthcare. For Telecom and wireless network providers, Trillio is part of the new business category in IoT, as well as a way to augment M2M communication.

Associations can use Trillio as a unique way to learn more about their members' healthcare habits and relationships with caregivers.

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