Clearing Cloud and Finding Fog

Nebbiolo Fog Computing

11 April Apr 2016

So how did Cloud become Fog?

The story begins with Cloud computing. The Cloud allows us to store and share everything from holiday photos to music on a remote server. You can access your data through the Cloud by using any of your devices and an internet connection. In California, a start-up named Nebbiolo had the vision of bringing Cloud like flexibility and real time controllability to the Internet of Things platform. They realized that if smart objects were becoming more connected then the possibilities of the use of the Cloud were also expanding. Nebbiolo were the first to envision the capability of the edge of the Cloud’s networking and storage endpoints such as sensors, machines, robots and mobile devices. They were pushing the boundaries of how we could use the Cloud. Their new version of Cloud computing was an architecture of Cloud, however it was closer to appliances such as robotics on a production line. Their vision for the Cloud was closer to the ground. In 2010, Nebbiolo visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, the world center for advanced research and education in ocean science and technology. MBAR showed potential for Nebbiolo’s interest in applications at the edge of the Cloud. That day, several presentations were made by MBAR and a presentation by Flavio Bonomi the CEO of Nebbiolo. After the presentations, Ginny Nicholas, the wife of a Nebbiolo team member said “Flavio, Why don’t you call it Fog?”. The new name was perfect and since the 16Th of September 2010, Cloud became Fog. Thanks Ginny!

However, it is not just the name that has changed. Fog has some major benefits over Cloud. For example;

  1. Fog is closer to the ground and therefore more local, this means that Fog reacts immediately as the there is no delay in the transmission of data. This allows real time execution.
  2. It is not necessary to push raw data into Fog. The system shares the correct format of data to the correct owners. This causes a securer privacy protection as less data is being transmitted.
  3. The reduction in bandwidth results in a lowering of cost.

During their pioneering journey, DGI has worked with Nebbiolo to help pave their way forward. Together we have worked on Nebbiolo’s branding, product line and service design. But this is only the beginning. Nebbiolo will be showcasing at this year’s Hannover Mess (25-29th April). Make sure to stop by and find out more about Nebbiolo and the future of Fog.