3M Romania

Customer Innovation Center Inauguration

21 March Mar 2016

The 8th of March marked the opening of the 54th 3M Customer Innovation Center. An inauguration was held for the opening of the new center in Bucharest, Romania. The 3M Romania CIC is the 10th to be designed and implemented by Design Group Italia. The event allowed 3M and DGI to witness guests travelling through the first CIC to be designed by DGI with the new 3M brand identity, 3M Science Applied to Life. 3M hosts encouraged guests to playfully interact with various demonstrators of 3M technologies, products, and market applications, that can be found in our everyday lives. The excitement and engagement of visitors taking part in an immersive storytelling and interactive experience was a memorable event for everyone involved. The vibrancy of 3M Romania was discovered by the flow of the colourful center and the relaxed interactions that fostered open dialogue between the guests and hosts. The 3M Romania Customer Innovation Center will continue to work as a successful tool to strengthen the relationship between 3M and their customers.

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