Network Society

DGI @ Network Society World Congress

10 November Nov 2015

Network Society is about the decentralization and distribution of the fundamental pillars of the nation state and the consequences for economic activity and social organization.
The Network Society World Congress is the main yearly event of the Network Society Project, allowing delegates to discuss in person its themes, plan actions for the following year, and to meet with stakeholders from government, industry and associations with similar interests.
Where? Obiously in Bank Headquarter. A giant white skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano and hosting the Banca Intesa Innovation Center: A place where you might meet fintech startups and folks building wood models, 3D printing stuff, weldering arduinos, etc.
As designers, we are interested in this evolution, and we start from a human centered perspective: Most recent human generations have a totally different relation with technologies with respect to any ancestor. Since 1800 technologies evolved slower than average human life, while now –in the space of a single life- we saw cognitive technologies grow in a singular way.
We have our own vision (and curiosity) about the future and that’s why we were invited to talk @NSWC, presenting a talk titled Network Thinking. In short: Design Thinking + Network Society = Network Thinking.
The basic idea behind network thinking it start from a question: Which mental model is the right one to fit the need of the Network Society Era?
Well, we don’t know, but certainly Todays’ visionaries can’t consider the mechanical clock, the assembly line, or the broadcast architecture as an actual mental model.
Being able to shape a business (or product, or service) that works with the network society might be done by evolving the classic design thinking tools, exactly as we developed in DGI during the last two years.

Read the slide here.

The speaker lineup included:
Alex Lightman: Food, Water And Energy In The Network Society
Gabor Kiss: A Holistic Approach To Open Source Ecology
Matan Field: Stigmergic Economy And Large-Scale, Decentralized Networks
Stefano Quintarelli: Regulatory Challenges In Exponential Trends

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