MIXITUP with PEPSICO DESIGN at Milan Design Week

PepsiCo Design Collaborates with Global Leading Design Talent for “Mixology 2.0” Showcase

10 April Apr 2015

Purchase, New York, April 14, 2015 – #MIXITUP – The PepsiCo Design Center opens the Mix It Up space for a week filled with design collaborations and exhibitions by leading talent during Milan Design Week, the design industry’s premiere international event.
#PepsiCoDesign collaborated with Nicola Formichetti, Stefano Giovannoni, Italia Independent and Lapo Elkann, Kravitz Design Inc., Fabio Novembre, Alex Ott, Design Group Italia, Karim Rashid, and Vogue Talents to showcase an interactive and engaging exhibit creating pop culture by blending design, fashion, music, and culinary art in unique and unexpected ways.

Spazio Giovannoni - Via Stendhal 35, Milan

"At #PepsiCoDesign we believe design is a universal language that defies all boundaries. With the ever-changing world, design today is a discipline playing a very important role to connect all of the different touch points of different brands and product solutions into one meaningful, relevant story and experience for users and consumers. Here at Milan Design Week with PepsiCo’s #MixItUp showcase, we are activating the power and equity of PepsiCo and our brands through key partnerships with some of the world’s famous designers bringing our designs, innovation, and products to life in a new and unexpected ways,” said Mauro Porcini, Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo.

Roberto Rios, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo Foodservice said, “Milan Design week provides a unique opportunity for PepsiCo to showcase our product innovations on a global stage. Our partnership with #PepsiCoDesign enables us to co-create innovative solutions that meet the needs of consumers today and in the future; forge new partnerships with customers and strengthen existing ones making PepsiCo an invaluable partner in the Foodservice Industry.”

The “Mix It Up” space, envisioned by Design Group Italia, showcases PepsiCo Design’s recent innovations across its leading brand portfolio of snacks and beverages, from product packaging and branding to equipment and experiences.

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Kola Station
The contribution of Design Group Italia also extends to the design of one of the protagonists of the event, the Kola Station.
Designed with PepsiCo’s Design Team, the Kola Station marries the duality of tradition and modernity, with copper tubing along the back wall that references artisan beer and whiskey production, along with glass cylinders filled with ingredients such as kola nuts, kola powder, and spices.
Ever wonder about the taste and refreshment of a kola nut beyond cola? Meet Alex Ott, master alchemist, author and nutritionist. Behind the Kola Bar, he will unveil the magic behind the kola nut, creating beverages that will stimulate the senses and offer bursts of flavors sure to surprise taste buds.
Every day Alex Ott will make new and original kola-nut based drinks: real symphonies of flavors and suggestions created with the Kola Station, the installation designed by Design Group Italia inspired by the pipe organ.

Pepsi Spire 2.0 Experience Spaces, designed by Fabio Novembre

Pepsi Spire 2.0 Experience Spaces, designed by Stefano Giovannoni

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Pepsi Spire Food Truck, designed by Karim Rashid

Fashion Showcases by Vogue Talents and Masha Reva
Pepsi® + Italia Independent Eyewear

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  • Pepsi Salone2015 Italian Idependent
  • Pepsi Salone2015 Vogue 01