New DGI Brand Identity

Expressing evolution. Looking to the future.

8 April Apr 2015

45 years on since its creation, Design Group Italia is proud to unveil a new brand identity.

The Market has stimulated us to make significant changes over the years: reconceiving the Studio, our profession, the services we offer, and indeed, the very concept of design. We greeted these challenges with enthusiasm and the courage to change.

Looking back, we can say we have been amply rewarded for that courage, with Design Group Italia currently numbering 45 people from 12 countries, working in 5 specialist divisions and 4 dedicated laboratories that serve our clients through two offices, one in Milan and one in New York.

Our new image is the result of a process of creative synthesis, undertaken with the aim of projecting our distinctive characteristics and many of our values.


Solidity and Innovation
The trapezoid shape conveys our solidity – a proven track record of over 40 years’ experience, know-how, and expertise – together with a dynamism that looks to the future.

Synthesis and Teamwork
An inclusive, iconic frame contains our name and essence: we design, working together and sharing a constant love of things well made, fully embracing Italian design philosophy.

Synergy and Integration
An integrated group of dynamic individuals who bring a global vision to every project. A melting pot of design cultures and backgrounds. A group of professionals who believe in Design created through collaboration and a lively exchange of ideas and thinking.


Passion and Commitment
A vivid color, inspiring curiosity, and empathy. To express our passion and love for our work, the commitment and enthusiasm we bring to every design project, and every small achievement.


Attention to detail, Modernity, and Authority.
Elegant typography with an attitude of its own. An authoritative contemporary font that says great innovations are achieved through small details. Often it’s the details that make the difference.

But we didn't get where we are today on our own. We did it with our Clients, our partners, and everyone who has worked with us over the years.
And to all these Clients and Friends we extend our THANKS for having made it all possible.