Milan Design Week 2017 Report

Every year our team explores Milan Design Week to study and analyse the new trends that are in the air, then compose a trend report that comments on both design, colours and materials, and the design week as an important annual venue for our industry in general.
Download the complete Milan Design Week 2017 Report as a PDF here.

The Event

No longer just a furniture fair, Salone offers immersive experiences to a wide audiences. Social media is more important than ever, and we also sensed a new energy in the design discussion.

Private Colors

Rich and complex harmonies instead of single colors to suggest intimate, private, lived-in atmospheres. It was the color pink that really stole the show.

Material Fluidity

Materials were fluid and in motion this year, manifesting in all dimensions and in diverse combinations of materials and experiments and and mixes.

Authors: Stefania Perenich and Simona Sagripanti, Design Group Italia CMF Lab
Illustrations by Ilaria Angelini
Image credits listed above