Corporate experience
Transform the Brand values in a storytelling corporate Space

Increasing the corporate brand presence within the working environment helps foster a feeling of community and recognition among employees and the brand.

A strong brand presence is an important factor in building a culture and a statement to the external world about the brands values and reliance. It can help in translating the brand values through the space as well as the digital presence within the space.

Brands are increasingly investing in innovation labs, representative spaces and institutional spaces in order to foster the culture of innovation and internal growth, it motivates employees as they feel like they are a contributing part of the brands future. External visitors are able to experience first hand prototyping and workflows as well as engage in collaborations through corporate spaces.

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Case story
Generali Energy Hub

Starting from the mission and strategy of Generali, we translated the values ​​of the brand to a natural, calm wellness area for the Generali employees. This also marks a new step in developing the brand perception and positioning of the insurance giant towards a more holistic wellness approach.

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Generali Welion office design

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