Brand Activation Experience
An interactive and engaging physical realization of the brand campaign

Visitor engagement is every brands goal and Brand experience is a tool that brands should use in order to showcase the importance of their product and the importance of engaging with the customer.

Now it is now more urgent than ever to stand out and create a strong brand campaign through an integrated physical and digital experience as there is an growing number of tech savvy consumers who are looking for new ways to engage and interact with brand to mak their experience more fluid and customised, introducing touchless technologies and multichannel communications is also on the rise to increase the proximity of reach towards consumers and to becomes a place to engage, learn and experience the brand essence.

For Brand experiences and activations, product launches or exhibition stands, the most important factor is engagement with the brand, it is important for us to consider the experience of the brand within the space. Brand Activations need to be exciting and captivating in order to encourage engagement. A successful brand activation will inspire trust and attentiveness for the long-term, therefore it is important to consider the brand values as well as the most important assets and how to translate them into a memorable and engaging user experience using the spatial and digital dimensions.

What we do

Experience design 
Spacial design 

Interior design 
Lighting design 

Brand and communication
Digital and interactive design

Case story

We worked with Pepsico to bring the Champions League 2019 final hospitality program to a new level, by designing three locations for Pepsico’s guests to really live the brand visions over two days.

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Pepsico central bar at uefa finals

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