Complex challenges call for a multidisciplinary perspective.

D-Heart testing in progress

Cross-pollination to boost innovation

Our diverse team of experts works closely together in cross-disciplinary, multicultural teams to maximize innovation and creativity.

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Our design is about people

We build bridges between human beings, brands, objects, and services. Our team is driven by a desire to use design to make lives, businesses, and societies better.

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Product design for ABB

Long-lasting, close collaboration

We don’t believe in big reveals – instead, we’re in daily contact with our clients. We value our clients’ input, as well as partnerships that last for decades.

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Tailormade solutions

Every challenge is unique. That’s why we’ll always tailor our approach and solution to each client’s needs.

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Furniture of the retreat at blue lagoon
Design Group Itali team sketching for Fingbox

We’re makers at heart

At our in-house lab, we like to get our hands dirty, making things early on in the process. Be it physical products or digital solutions, we continuously prototype, build, hack, and test to transform ideas into successful projects.

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We bring simplicity to cultural complexity

Our team consists of 75 professionals who hail from over 17 countries and speak twice as many languages. We address every challenge from a global perspective.

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Food net R&D

Research that fuels tomorrow’s innovation

From food to lighting to the future of industrial production, we run a plethora of R&D projects to drive innovation through design.

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