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Italian leader in the manufacture and sale of professional tools worldwide, offering more than 10,000 practical, effective, and durable products in over 20 categories. DGI has collaborated with Beta for over 15 years bringing innovative production techniques, improved ergonomics, and a design language that has continually evolved to be a strongly recognisable element through the entire product range.

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Beta Grip05

Beta Flexometer

Beta 02

Beta Multikeys

Beta 04

Beta Screwdrivers

  • Beta Bimaterico 03
  • Beta Bimaterico 01
  • Beta Bimaterico 02

Beta Set of allen screws

Beta Multikeys

Beta Betamax

Screwdriver and Pliers

Beta Betamax 01
Beta Betamax 02
Beta Betamax Pinze01
Beta Betamax Pinze02

Beta Micro-screwdriver

Beta Microgiravite

Beta 96T

Beta 96T 01