3M Customer Innovation Centers

Unlocking customer value

The usual way to build an innovation center is to showcase products and technology in your current portfolio. In the case of 3M - moving from products to solutions - a conventional showroom was not an option.


Creating Customer Innovation Centers

A Customer Innovation Center is a space where the public can enter and interact with our client’s brand. A strategic narrative is designed to evoke a dialogue through storytelling and hands-on contact with technologies. Our tailored customer innovation centers are executed in an integrated approach using persuasive design, interaction, and interiors to orchestrate customer inspired innovation and a lasting memory for guests. DGI expressed 3M from its core, an innovator that links products, technology platforms, and science with people’s needs. Our goal was to express the brand through an informative and interactive process. DGI has designed eleven Customer Innovation Centers for 3M. Although each CIC has identical 3M values, brand pillars, and technology platforms, they differ as they are culturally adapted for their location. The CICs create customer inspired innovation by actively engaging customers through the use of demo tools and storytelling in order to create remarkable experiences.

Space Expertise 04

For every individual CIC we focused on a three-part narrative strategy that enabled 3M to connect with customers on various levels.
1. 3M Works – A dramatic presentation area of discovery to spark curiosity and build anticipation.
2. How 3M works – A main innovation space to embrace play and physical interaction. This space allows for interaction with the brand while generating memorable shared experiences.
3. How 3M can work for You – A collaborative space to foster open dialogue and design around customer needs.

3M Nordic Innovation Center

3M Nordic Innovation Center
3M CTC Sweden 04A
3M CTC Sweden 04B
3M CTC Sweden 07
3M CTC Sweden 05A
3M CTC Sweden 01

3M Customer Innovation Center Saudi Arabia

3M Customer Innovation Center Saudi Arabia
3M CTC 05
3M CTC Saudi 1
3M CTC Saudi 2

3M Customer Innovation Center Poland

3M Customer Innovation Center Poland
3M CTC Polonia 8
3M CTC Polonia 7B
3M CTC Polonia 7A
3M CTC Polonia 2 3
3M CTC Polonia 1 3
3M CTC Polonia 3 3
3M CTC Polonia 9 1
3M CTC Polonia 10

3M Customer Innovation Center Italy

3M Customer Innovation Center Italy
3M CTC Italia 04
3M CTC Italia 11
3M CTC Italia 13
3M CTC Italia 12
3M CTC Italia 10
3M CTC Italia 16
3M CTC Italia 08

3M Shop

The 3M store is part of the 3M Customer Innovation Center Italy. The 3M store acts as the last stop on the 3M CIC tour to close the loop of the journey. The main space divides into three market areas: Office, home, and leisure. The attention to detail and use of materials gives a feeling of entering a design store and allows visitors to discover 3M as part of their daily lives.

3M Shop
  • 3Mshop 02Jpgweb
  • 3Mshop 03Jpgweb
  • 3Mshop 04Jpgweb
3Mshop 05Aweb
3Mshop 05Bweb

3M Customer Innovation Center South Africa

3M Customer Innovation Center South Africa
3M CIC South Africa 01
3M CIC South Africa 05
3M CIC South Africa 04
3M CIC South Africa 03
3M CIC South Africa 06

3M Turkey Customer Innovation Center

3M Customer Innovation Center Turkey
3M CIC Turkey 02
3M CIC Turkey 03
3M CIC Turkey 04
3M CIC Turkey 05

3M Customer Innovation Center Romania

The 10th 3M Customer Innovation Center designed and implemented by Design Group Italia. The 3M Romania CIC is an interactive journey for guests to discover 3M technologies, products, and market applications that are found in our everyday lives.

3M Customer Innovation Center Romania
3M Romania 4