Address Book

Chinatown, Milan

28 September Sep 2017
Our headquarters are located in Chinatown, Milan. The neighborhood dates back to 1920s, when workers from Zhejiang region (nearby Shanghai) moved to Italy to work in the textile industry. Today, the bustling area stretches several blocks around the pedestrian main street Via Paolo Sarpi, and has a distinct atmosphere of it's own.
We've called Chinatown our home for ten years already. Our guests often ask for our restaurant recommendations, so we thought we'd share our address book with you, too. Without further ado, here are our trusted lunch spots, best gelato shops, regular aperitivo hangouts and other favorite addresses in our neighborhood. Enjoy!

Vasa Vasa

Sicilian ice cream to die for. Via Pietro Moscati 20.

Le Cantine Isola

A traditional Milanese wine bar, perfect for aperitivos. Via Paolo Sarpi 30.

Ravioleria Sarpi

Fantastic Chinese ravioli and other take away lunch and dinner. Via Paolo Sarpi 27


Lovely French style café, perfect for a morning coffee. Via Luigi Canonica 72


A heaven of a grocery store for fans of Japanese, Korean and other Asian cuisines. Via Luigi Canonica 54

La Chiesetta

An old chapel turned beer pub. Don't go with a big group, it's tiny! Via Paolo Lomazzo 12

Da Mimmo

Heavy, traditional Milanese pizza by the slice. Via Alfredo Albertini 2


Delicious thin crust pizza in an informal setting. Via Canonica 81


A lovely lunch café with Mediterranean and vegetarian options. Via Cesare Cesariano 8

Wang Jiao

There's plenty of delicious Chinese food around, but this is one of our definite favorites. Via Paolo Lomazzo 18.

Il Santo Bevitore

Our neighbor that keeps feeding us – what would we do without them? Via Aleardo Aleardi 22