DGI Playlist Vol. 1

Ali Akay

19 July Jul 2017

We listen to a lot of music as we work, so we thought we would share some of what inspires us with you, too. First up, we raided product designer Ali Akay’s music collection and asked him to compile a little playlist for us. You can find it in Spotify here.

"The playlist is really diverse. From WuTang Clan to Tame Impala, it’s about how you feel throughout the day – start with hip hop, continue to psychedelic rock, then to classic rock just to return to hip hop again. It’s mostly music I listen to when I work along with my favorite songs. Well, they are all my favourite songs. I wanted to create an up-beat list to give you energy, though there are some dark tunes there, too.

I really like this album Fantezi muzik by a Turkish group called Jakuzi. I am from Turkey, and finding these kinds of things makes me happy. It is sophisticated, not mainstream, a kind of dark new age. I included just one song on the playlist, but go take a look at the entire album. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics you’ll see that it is something different. In general, I would recommend the entire albums for each of the songs. I included just one song from the latest album by Kendrick Lamar, for example, but the entire album is really good."

Read more about the work of our product design team here, enjoy the playlist!

In this series, we raid our co-workers' record shelves and share playlists of music that they listen to when they work.