Mix It Up With PepsiCo

Milan Design Week 2017

3 April Apr 2017

On April 4, PepsiCo unveils "Mix It Up," the showcase and innovation incubator featuring collaborations with us and multiple leading designers.
For the third consecutive year, PepsiCo collaborated with our team for the Milan Design Week participation. This year’s collaborators include an impressive list of designers including Mathieu Lehanneur, Luca Nichetto, Fabio Novembre, Chef Davide Oldani, Studio Job, Patricia Urquiola and others to offer an interactive and engaging showcase where past, present and future converge as we explore how food and drink are experienced in our hyperconnected society.

Mix It Up is an immersive installation that invites attendees to explore and interact. Guests will experience a compendium of historic, current and forward thinking exhibits that demonstrate how the company has evolved with the times.
From the moment they enter the Mix It Up space, visitors will catch a glimpse of PepsiCo’s storied past with items that trigger an emotional response, invoke brand connection and stir memories.

Mauro Porcini, Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo, says,
“Here at Milan Design Week, PepsiCo_Design is examining how macrotrends are changing society, and how companies must respond in order not just to survive, but to thrive. It is by connecting with consumers' wants and needs in creative ways that PepsiCo can curate people’s experiences and improve their lives.
Successful brands create a lasting, memorable rapport both on and offline, and allow people to capture and share their own experiences first hand.”
Mix It Up showcases PepsiCo’s iconic past and features exciting, contemporary innovations across its leading portfolio of snacks, beverages and nutrition - from product packaging and branding to equipment and experiences.

Here are a few highlights from the show:

Bar of Memories
With Pepsi as the center point of the Mix It Up space, the brand will reveal its provocative new “Live Without Compromise” campaign. Showcasing Pepsi with zero sugar, the multifaceted bar reflects the spirit of the campaign, making a mark that is unexpected and literally groundbreaking. The powerful combination of elements from nature and civilization will challenge guests to live without compromise and express themselves in bold and inspirational ways. Pepsi invites all who attend to embrace maximum taste with zero sugar and live life unbounded, unfiltered and uninhibited.
In line with the overall concept, “The Future of Memory,” the bar will also serve as a place to reflect on Pepsi’s legacy—from past and present to future—which allows guests to embark on a multisensory journey in which they explore the role that flavor plays in the making of memories. The design of the bar was created in collaboration with designer Mathieu Lehanneur, known for his evocative and dreamlike works. The Bar of Memories will create an unexpected culinary journey using Pepsi-infused bites as a portal to experiencing memories.

Lay’s Chiperie
For more than 75 years Lay’s, the world’s number one snack brand, has been making the tasty potato chips people know and love. Lay’s Chiperie explores the evolution of the potato chip beyond the bag and creates a sensory experience that celebrates the potato and the herbs and seasonings that flavor Lay’s. In a beautifully imagined café space, guests can enjoy live culinary performances and snack on delicious variations on the traditional potato chip created by renowned Italian chef Andrea Mainardi.

Pepsi Spire
Visitors will explore the evolution of Pepsi Spire in an immersive artistic environment complete with bespoke moving artwork. The Spire line of state-of-the-art beverage dispensers is changing the fountain drink experience to one where consumers are in control, allowing them to add up to three flavor shots to their beverage of choice.

LIFEWTR is a new premium bottled water brand that exists to advance and showcase the sources of creation and creativity. The bottle serves as a canvas for various forms of art and design and features rotating label motifs created by emerging artists. Released in a series of three, with label designs that are refreshed a few times a year, LIFEWTR bottles will feature different creators’ work to introduce distinct expressions of creativity. The first series features the captivating work of some of the boldest and most transformative artists of today: MOMO, Craig & Karl, and Jason Woodside.
LIFEWTR will make its European debut at Milan Design Week, where it will come to life with premium accessories created for high-end hospitality settings, designed by Studio Job.

Pure Leaf
Pure Leaf is a premium iced tea that starts with real tea leaves, picked at their freshest. With a brewing process that is simple and authentic, passion for realness extends to everything Pure Leaf does.
Pure Leaf will host a celebration of the tea drinking experience and create a new kind of tea ritual, as expressed in a set of accessories created specifically for this new tea ceremony in collaboration with designer Luca Nichetto.

Lemon Lemon
Lemon Lemon is sparkling lemonade made with lemon juice, bubbles and a touch of sweetness. The new beverage has no artificial flavors or colors and is sweetened with a blend of sugar and stevia. Lemon Lemon is a bubbly reminder to escape to a natural, more relaxed place.
Architect and designer Patricia Urquiola will create a whimsical, fun and elevated Lemon Lemon experience that demonstrates the power of the picnic—a physical respite and emotional getaway for guests to relax and reconnect with themselves, their friends and the world around them. Take a sip, and go there.

Alvalle is Spain’s leading gazpacho brand and was the first to launch a packaged 100% natural gazpacho that tastes homemade. While it’s a traditional dish, it’s also a gourmet recipe made from fresh ingredients. Now, Alvalle wants to share its gazpacho beyond Spain, across Europe and globally. Visitors are invited to gather at a custom-made cart—a modular gazpachería on wheels. Bespoke gazpacho tableware and utensils created by Chef Davide Oldani will also be displayed. A VIP taste experience created by Chef Oldani will feature culinary delights that reimagine gazpacho.

Future Room
The Future Room will host a future-forward film envisioning how people will eat in the decades to come through design innovation. The film will take an uplifting and optimistic point of view, imagining novel possibilities for the future of the culinary frontier and how people would access and consume the food and beverage experience.

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Mix It Up
April 4 – 9, 2017
c/o Superstudio Più
“Day Light”
via Tortona 27
Milan, Italy