Emma Cartography UI/UX Re-design

20 June Jun 2016

Redesign of the Cartography software for Beta80, the Italian leader of Emergency Management Systems (EMS)

DGI worked with Beta80 to realise the new EMMA Cartography, imagining a modern digital experience for Command and control centers.
Within 3 months, DGI took care of all the UX/UI process including the development of the Front-end.

We assembled a lean and focused team to collaborate closely with Beta80.
We immersed ourselves in the Emergency Management culture, gaining insights from users and operators of Command Centrals in Milano. The first thing we learned about Emergency Management was that literally every second can save a real life.
Operators do an incredible and fundamental job in less than minutes and they answer hundreds of dramatic, stressful calls every single day.
Our challenge was how to help operators doing their job better, because their job is already tough enough and there’s no place for software that increases friction or pain points. We identified a fresh and clear UI, where information are displaced around the map, the real core of the UI.
The interface was designed to be smart and to really support the operator. It suggests relevant places, actions and constantly gives feedbacks about what’s going on.
On the technical side, we were committed to guarantee high performance in terms of speed, response and memory usage, to ensure that Cartography can work smoothly 24/7.