Mentadent Vertical Expert Teeth + cheeks

Double Cleaning Action in a single gesture

16 June Jun 2016

"REAL ORAL HYGIENE &HEALTHY TEETH from now on includes cleaning the cheeks"

Vertical Expert Teeth + cheeks Toothbrush is an extremely innovative new product in the Unilever Oral Care portfolio marketed under Mentadent Brand. The new toothbrush is developed to clean teeth and cheeks simultaneously in a single gesture. Designed to to gently clean the inside of the cheeks while brushing, it removes micro food residues, acts gently and in synergy with tooth brushing.
Vertical Expert Teeth + cheeks Toothbrush is an evolution of the Vertical Expert tppthbrush developed for two functional objectives: facilitate vertical brushing and promote effective interdental cleaning through a multiple plaque-removing action.

  • Unilever Vertical Dentiguance 05B
  • Uniilver Ivy Cheek 05A
  • Uniilver Ivy Cheek 09
  • Unilever Vertical Dentiguance 03
  • Unilever Vertical Dentiguance 03B