Pepsi Crate for Returnable Bottles

Heavy duty design

4 August Aug 2015

In view of the release of the new Pepsi bottle design, Pepsi Germany decided to refresh the crate design in order to improve the brand impact at certain sales points.

Deposit-refund systems based on returnable bottles are widespread in Germany. People buy their favorite beverages either in glass or PET reusable bottles and when they return them to retailers they are refunded the cost of the empty bottle. In this context, the beverage companies provide robust plastic crates enabling consumers to comfortably carry and protect the bottles from the shop, home, and back.

The new crate, developed with Pepsico Design & Innovation Center, evolves the Pepsi design language and increases the brand visibility.
The Pepsi logo is placed on all 4 sides and the complete logo layout (globe + wordmark) is recreated when the crates are stacked on one another.