Cultura Pizza e Vita Opens in Nolita

A new dining concept opens its doors this month in NYC

29 April Apr 2015

Opening a pizzeria in Manhattan’s over-saturated restaurant scene is no easy task. Thousands of pizza places already make great pie and finicky Manhattanites have no time to waste on gimics or sub-par service. For these reasons, Cultura Pizza e Vita had to be different from the others: genuine, authentic, innovative, with a love for quality food, drink, and ingredients.
In collaboration with the Pepsi Design and Innovation Center in New York, our Trends Observatory, along with our FoodLab, started by researching food and dining trends in the US and abroad. Not stopping at pizza, Cultura Pizza e Vita boasts a unique Latticini Bar where artisans make homemade mozzarella and burrata in front of diners.
We then proceeded with a full study on restaurant layout design, CMF design, graphic design, merchandising, and all collateral material.