Design Group Italia featured on Wired Italia

22 April Apr 2015

Wired is probably the most influential internet and innovation magazine that reports on how emerging technologies effect economy and culture. Defined as “the Rolling Stone of technology”, Wired first launched in the USA in January 1993 and quickly grew a cult following among geeks and tech savvy readers. The Italian edition launched in March 2009 with the tag-line “Storie, idee e persone che cambiano il mondo”. This was later turned into “Make in Italy. Inventa. Sbaglia. Innova.”, which underlines the concept that nowadays, technology is so widely accessible that everyone can experiment and innovate. At the same time, the contents of the magazine focused even more on telling engaging stories of successful Italian companies and innovators.

Wired Italia’s issue n. 71, published in April 2015, sees the contribution of Design Group Italia’s digital design director Leandro Agrò, within the article titled “Se il “Make in Italy” partisse da qui?”. Author Guido Romeo highlights the importance that Italy has had in the world of industrial design, with all the great designers and brands that have become famous worldwide during the second half of the 20th century, and asks if and how Italian design can still be relevant in the era of digital products.
Agrò underlines the fact that the great Italian design was not characterized just by pure aesthetic, but was the result of a deep intuitive understanding of human needs and feelings. This peculiarity of Italian culture is the key to create the objects of the future, which are becoming more and more autonomous and proactive: “we have to rethink interaction design as the design of the relationship between people and objects”. Humans, and not technology, must remain the focus of the project. A clear example is the failing of the Google Glass project, that despite providing a revolutionary interaction paradigm, was largely rejected because it didn’t take account of the basic rules and psychological context of the interaction between people. “Objects accompany us in our personal and professional lives. They should gain importance. Be meaningful. Gratify us and make us feel better through smart technologies and peace of mind. Let's keep the Smart Age from becoming stupid.

In the same issue of Wired is an interview with Piero Santoro, ideator together with Carlo D’Alesio of the automated and connected greenhouse MEG, developed in collaboration with Design Group Italia.